Passive cooling techniques

Ventilation for cooling

Solar control

Thermal mass

Natural ventilation

Hybrid ventilation

Heat protection techniques

Advanced control systems and techniques

Innovative material and components

Ground cooling

Evaporative cooling

Radiative cooling


Heat island

Canyon effect

Applications in social housing

Demand side management

Legislation and in particular results from the application of the European Directive

Education & distance learning

Climatic responsive architecture

Thermal comfort

Indoor environmental quality

High efficiency air conditioners

Cool Roofs and other Mitigation Techniques

Extreme Low Energy Buildings and Buildings with Positive Energy

The Existing Building Stock : Technical, Economical and Social Aspects for a Wide Scale Upgrading

Advanced Glazing, Facade and HVAC Technologies

Indoor Climate Criteria in relation to Sustainable Building

Opportunities & Barriers for the integration of Renewables in the Built Environment

International and National Policies for medium and long term Energy Management

Innovative Concepts for Education and Training

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